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Needs Assessment Survey


The Town of Bainville is conducting a needs survey and is seeking your help.   By completing the enclosed questionnaire, you are guaranteed that the Council and I will hear the concerns and hopes shared by you and your neighbors.   This survey will greatly help in securing future grants and is very important in developing a Town Capital Improvements Plan and update the Growth Policy.

The importance of your response cannot be overstated–it is extremely important.   In fact, this survey, may help lead to grants in excess of $500,000.   But we need your response.

Please fill out the survey and return it to the office by March 31st, 2021.   If you have questions please call Nikki Rogers, Town Clerk, at 769-2621.   Your time is appreciated, and your response will be used in planning.

All responses are numbered when tabulated. Please help your community by speaking out now.  Additional Comment boxes are at the end of each section. We welcome any and all comments!

Needs Assessment Survey